Friday, June 19, 2015

Favorite Summer Drink

*Casie Here* ~ Long time no post! Yikes!!!
This has been my go-to summer beverage of choice lately. I made this for our daughter's birthday party and have kept it going ever since.
 I bought a big bag of lemons, limes and box of oranges at Costco and wanted to use them up before they went bad, so I washed them real good and sliced them up (usually one orange, one lemon and 3 limes) as well as a sliced peach and then any other extra fruit I have left from lunch. There really is no rhyme or reason, just whatever I feel like. There were some grapes, blueberries and raspberries in there too. I just fill it up with our filtered tap water and put it in the fridge. I keep refilling it for about 3-4 days, then dump out the fruit, wash the container in the dishwasher and start over. The longer it sits the better. It is REALLY tart so I add a little squirt of my liquid Stevia (Skinny Girl is what we have) and it is delicious! I have used the Skinny Girl with vanilla and I think it tastes like an Orange Julious! 
 I will warn you, I go to the bathroom a lot, but that is good! I'm staying hydrated and my kids love it too.
Enjoy this pretty drink at your house too!