Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Have you ever thought about it from their perspective?

I find this gentleman to be very brave for sharing his story and experience.  This video has given me a new perspective and has made me think deeply about what he shares in this video.


Tuesday, February 18, 2014

What would you say?

Just think how amazing it would be to let your current self go back in time and have a conversation with your teenage self for a couple of hours.  What would you tell, warn and advise the younger version of yourself?  Would the topic of eating healthier come up?  Obviously, you would want to inform yourself of the things that would have the most positive impacts on your life, so I hope that eating very healthy would be part of that conversation.  

So, let's reverse the tables.   What do you think your future self would come back in time to tell you? What if your future self is diabetic, diagnosed with lung cancer, has suffered a stroke or heart attack?   Would the future lung cancer diagnosis get you to stop smoking today?  Would the future heart attack get you thinking about how much fast and junk food you eat?   Would the future diabetes get you to stop drinking soda and fast/junk food?  What do you think your future self would advise?

What if the future you came back to tell you to become as healthy as possible, that the future you told you what lifestyle plan you should undertake to impress that future self?

I know that neither of these scenarios are going to happen, yet it gives me a way of thinking about my future self and things that I can do now, today and tomorrow, to make my future a better one.  I realized a couple of years ago that I could make my future self proud by eating so healthy that I increased the likelihood of future health and reduced the risk of diabetes, cancer and heart disease.  

There is overwhelming evidence in nutrition, medical and research studies to show that healthy eating is a key component to determining our current and future health status.

So, where do you start?  Do your own research.  Find out what foods are known to reduce and increase the risks of diabetes, cancer and heart disease.   Use this as a basic guide for your start.  Evolve you plan as you find what foods and recipes you like and dislike. 

Search for nutrition and healthy eating.

View Dr. Greger's videos on

Look at to see what amazing nutrition exists in the world's healthiest foods.

 Let this be a start of your journey to make the future you proud....and healthier. 

Thursday, February 6, 2014


Most likely everyone has had to deal with some form of bullying in their life.  Unfortunately, some of the most vulnerable, yet unique, people in the world are the ones that take the brunt of that bullying.
Bullying has always been around but it has been taken to a whole new level with the use of social media.  Think back to your youth and reflect on some of your most embarrassing moments growing up.  Now, imagine someone videoing, photographing or writing about this moment and sharing it with everyone in the class/school.  Terrifying, isn't it.
The ramifications of a child getting bullied over and over again, especially when others, including parents, don't take action on the part of the victim can have negative life long impacts.  It's not just about the bully and the is also about all the passive observers of this activity. 
 So, do you know of someone being bullied?  Do you ask your children if they are being bullied?  How do you react if they tell you that they are being bullied?  How do you respond if they tell you one of their friends or classmates are being bullied?  What do you do if you find out your child is the one bullying someone else?
I often ask my daughter if she or anyone in her class is being bullied. I would recommend that you make an effort to have that conversation with your children, too, if you haven't already.  Please don't assume that it isn't happening unless they come to you to talk about it.  I assume that it is happening and I need to find out who is involved on both sides of the interaction and then to find out who needs to be informed to bring resolve to the bullying. 
There are many online resources for parents and children regarding bullying so make sure you utilize those resources if you find the need.  Here are a few:
Here are a couple of videos that I thought are worth watching regarding bullying:
(The above documentary, "Bully", is on Netflix)
 (The above poem is by Shane Koyczan)

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

My apologies

Please forgive me for my absence from the blog over the last month.  Nothing is wrong. I haven't lost my interest or passion for this blog.  Nor have I run out of things to say or share here.  My excuse?  In the past, I would walk on my treadmill and could work on my computer as I was exercising.  Last month, I began using my old elliptical machine every night.  If you have ever exercised on an elliptical machine, it is almost impossible to type on a computer while on that equipment.   On other nights, I have been too exhausted or selfish with my time to blog.   I usually have about 45-60 minutes per night that I can call my own and I must share some of that free time with writing on the blog.  I promise you I will try to post more often as I have much to share and hopefully there will be that one topic that I share here that can positively affect your life or someone you know.  As always, thank you for following this blog and giving your time to read and watch our information.