Tuesday, October 22, 2013

You Decide

Victor's Gyros Falafel & Mediterranean Food

Vernon and I FINALLY went on a date night. We haven't gone out since my birthday and before that it had been a long, long time! 
Vernon researched a new place called Victor's. We almost didn't go there as we were considering  going with one of our standard backups. 
Victor owns the place and is the chef, waiter and cashier. It's just him. It's a hole in the wall on 40th & Farnam. He is Egyptian and his food is really, really great.
 This right here folks, this is what I have been dreaming about and CRAVING since we left, no take that back, ever since I finished it! These falafels are THE BEST falafels I have E V E R had. They blow Amsterdam Falafel and Cafe Falafel's out of the water. No comparison, NONE. They were so good. 
Now, the salad left something to be desired. First of all the Greek yogurt dressing is NOT on our VEGAN list, but we didn't want to hurt Victor's feelings and send it back, so we just ate it. But it wasn't great. That bread that is on the bottom was EXCELLENT. Moist, warm, fluffy, flavorful, and a little bit dusty with flour. YUMMMMM 
This was the Falafel sandwich. I know, it's not even a sandwich, but that's what Victor wants it to be called, so that what it is called. I asked him when we were leaving if we could purchase just the Falafels separate. He said NO (like the soup Nazi on Seinfeld). Okay then. Bummer, because I would totally just order those separate and have them plain. 
 This was the Baba Ganoush. We didn't even know what that was before tonight. I guess it's like Hummus but instead of the Chic Peas it's made with Eggplant. It was good, but VERY garlicky. 
 Traditional Hummus. Mine is better. This was extremely garlicky.
 The bread for dipping in the dips. This was OMG yummy
 Lentil soup with Red Lentils. It was good. Thick and a tad spicy. 
 There are those falafels again just in case you missed them the first time.

 After Victor's, we headed downtown to Ted & Wally's to get some of their VEGAN ice cream. While we were standing in line, the kind I was going to get (cinnamon), got erased off the board. : ( But I had a back up flavor (vegan cookies n' cream). It was good. A little odd after taste, but I still liked it. 

Saturday, October 19, 2013

More about cholesterol

The number of individuals with high cholesterol and/or heart disease is staggering.  Elevated cholesterol affects so many parts of the body because of how it's role on changing the dynamics of blood vessels and blood flow.  The eyes and the visual centers of the brain are not immune to the effects of high cholesterol.
Lowering your cholesterol could be one of the best things you can do for yourself, your future you and for your family.
I posted a few heart disease/cholesterol videos back in August and here are some more from Dr. Greger's website, www.nutritionfacts.org :
New Cholesterol Target:
How Fiber Lowers Cholesterol

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Parents, please watch this video!!

~5000 television ads that our children potentially are exposed to each year?  Those advertisements are one of the many reasons our family got rid of television.