Are you interested in advertising on our blog? Please send us an email with your company and product details to: vernonsvision@yahoo.com Please include the word SPONSOR in the subject line.

Why sponsors on our blog? We do very much enjoy writing on this blog but it does require time, actually quite a bit of time. It doesn't always work out in life to get compensated for time, but in this situation it's a nice bonus. Periodically introducing sponsors is a way we can help support our family. We will choose sponsors who offer things we like and we think you'll like. We will keep sponsors and giveaways at the bottom of posts so that when you're finished reading, you can choose to read on or smile and walk away. We hope you read on for the sake of some excellent businesses trying to stretch their roots.

Vernon's Vision is not responsible for sponsor products and/or their business practices. While we research each business before launching and, in most cases, usually try products and services ourselves, we trust inquiring sponsors practice good business and offer fair prices and a valuable product. We respect and value our readers' opinions and trust sponsors will do the same. 

Another way you can support us, if you so choose. Is to click on the advertisements on our site. Every time someone clicks on an advertisement on our blog, we get paid a little bit of money. If everyone who visited our blog clicked on just one advertisement, those small amounts would start to add up! 

Finally, we do have a tab on the side where you can donate if you wish. If your life was changed for the better by something on here that you read and tried, then a great way to say thanks is to donate. It is strictly volunteer. We feel that if we can change someone else's life for the better, then we have done our job and that is all that matters. If you find it in your heart to compensate us for helping you along your journey, we would be so grateful. The biggest compliment you can give is to recommend our website to others. The more people we can reach the more chance we have to positively affect more people.

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