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Welcome to Vernon's Vision. 
 This site was created by Dr. Vernon and Casie Schlueter to address a multitude of health topics. Dr. Vernon Schlueter is an Optometrist and his wife, Casie, is a Adolescent Behavioral Tech at Boys Town. Our family has made significant lifestyle changes over the last few years and we want to share our experiences with friends, family and patients via this website.
Vernon will address eye care related topics and will provide interesting explanations in a basic, easy to understand manner. He will also discuss his philosophies on parenting and maximizing your family's quality of life. Casie and Vernon will introduce ideas and review products that we use in our household on a daily basis. Casie will provide ideas for simple, flavorful and healthy recipe creations.
We have been wanting to create a blog like this for quite some time. Our prmary reason was that we wanted a video diary of our ideas and philosophies that could be passed on to our children, should something unfortunately happen to us. Secondly, My wife and I wanted to dedicate a place where we could share our inspirations, reviews and ideas for healthy living and eating. Lastly, Vernon relates healthy eating and living in his practice and he wanted a venue for his patients to receive continued information about their eye care health and ways to improve their overall health and quality of life.
This site if free. There is no catch. This is our gift to all of you. We feel like we have so much to share and we hope that our ideas and philosophies can inspire you to achieve a better state of living.
Thank you for visiting Vernon's Vision. More to come soon!
Vernon & Casie

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