Tuesday, August 12, 2014

20/20 Isn't Everything

I wish more teachers, parents and pediatricians understood that just because a child is seeing good on an eye chart does not mean that the child doesn't need a comprehensive eye exam. 

Eye problems are more than just blurry vision.  Headaches, double vision, uncomfortable vision, eye discomfort, irritability, fatigue, distraction, headaches, inefficient reading, reduced academic performance are just some of the symptoms of eye related issues.  

Many children are unable to identify that they have blurriness or uncomfortable vision.  They only know how they see and assume that the way they see and feel is normal and is what everyone else experiences.

I recommend a dilated eye exam for all children by an optometrist every year to make sure their eyes are seeing to their greatest potential and to rule out any ocular conditions or disease. 

Don't let your child's eye issues keep them from performing at their highest level in the classroom.

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