Tuesday, February 4, 2014

My apologies

Please forgive me for my absence from the blog over the last month.  Nothing is wrong. I haven't lost my interest or passion for this blog.  Nor have I run out of things to say or share here.  My excuse?  In the past, I would walk on my treadmill and could work on my computer as I was exercising.  Last month, I began using my old elliptical machine every night.  If you have ever exercised on an elliptical machine, it is almost impossible to type on a computer while on that equipment.   On other nights, I have been too exhausted or selfish with my time to blog.   I usually have about 45-60 minutes per night that I can call my own and I must share some of that free time with writing on the blog.  I promise you I will try to post more often as I have much to share and hopefully there will be that one topic that I share here that can positively affect your life or someone you know.  As always, thank you for following this blog and giving your time to read and watch our information. 

1 comment:

  1. Dr. Schleueter: I know you are a busy doctor and family man, and yet you took the time after your regular office hours last night to help me deal with a difficult vision problem and to help me find a solution. Not only are you a good doctor, you are a stand-up human being. There are not enough words of thanks to offer you! Mary Lomax (and hubby, Rich)