Saturday, March 15, 2014

Jackfruit BBQ 'Pork'

*Casie Here*
Prepare to have your mind BLOWN!
If you think going Vegan/Vegetarian means you have to give up Pulled Pork Sandwiches, think again. This my friends is THE closest thing to it....and it's a FRUIT!!!! That is right, fruit! So, weird I know, but trust me on this one.
 This is what you go buy in the Asian market: Young Green Jackfruit in WATER (not brine or syrup). It's about a $1 a can. We got 9 cans for a pretty big crockpot that would feed 20-25 people with extra left over.
 I wanted my pulled 'pork' sandwiches to have onions in them too. So I sautéed up some onions and minced garlic. I put that in the crock pot after it was browned lightly. You can skip this step if you are not an onion fan. You could also chop up some peppers or anything else you like in your pulled pork sandwiches. 
 I just drained and dumped all 9 cans into the crock.
 Actually I took out most of these seeds in the fruit, but I think you would be ok if you didn't.
 Straight out of the can. Looks like pork already.

 Dump your favorite BBQ sauce all over it. I used Stubs and I liked it. It has a little kick at the end, but I don't like spicy and it was definitely bearable. You turn it on high for at least 10 hours. 
 Once it has gone for 10 hours or so (you can do this anytime after it is tender really), you can take out and shred the jackfruit just like you would the pork with 2 forks. Put it all back in, mix really good together and add more sauce or other seasonings you would like. And that is it! It is a little 'fatty' tasting like pork and a little chewy like pork. It is delicious.
We found out that day 3 and 4 are the BEST days to actually eat it. So, make it on lets say a Sunday evening let it cook overnight. The next morning shred it and add more sauce, then put it in the fridge for 1-2 days. Add more sauce if it gets dried up. Then enjoy! All the flavors had time to come together and that spiciness that I was talking about was completely gone. 
Get yourself some really good buns and get ready to FAKE any one out. I would love to hear comments under this post of people who try this and what them and other though of it. Have fun tricking anyone, even a avid pork lover.